ND Asia (Seoul, South Korea): Promoting Notre Dame to High School Students


My name is Dong Wook Ko, just finished with my freshman year. I am currently participating in SIBC internship called ND Asia at Seoul, South Korea with Andrew Hong and Jungi Hong. In order to successfully complete our tasks as interns, we decided to divide up our roles into 3 different parts –

1) promoting Notre Dame to high school students

2) making connections with business clubs or organizations of Korean university (Yonsei)

3) organizing stronger alumni network for further development

In order to complete our first goal, we made appointments with top 5 high schools that have department of preparing students for colleges outside of the country. From June 3 to June 7, we have visited Daewon Foreign Language High School, Hanyoung FLHS, Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies, Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, and Cheongsim International Academy. By taking subways, riding a bus, and even renting a car, we visited these high schools according to the appointments we have made back in South Bend before end of the semester. 

Using PowerPoint presentation and brochures, we could introduce the students to general Notre Dame culture, academic policies, student life of the campus. We shared our personal experiences about the culture, events, and the structure to encourage students to know more about Notre Dame. In addition, we also talked about SIBC as a perfect opportunity students of Notre Dame can enjoy and that it was through this club that had made this trip possible. In addition, Greg Dutcher, a Notre Dame alumni class of 2011, happened to visit Jungi and joined us on our trips to these high schools. Through our presentations, it seemed that more high school students seem to be interested in Notre Dame, especially the seniors who are now thinking which universities to apply. Students from all the high schools were very eager to listen to us and there were also many great questions after the presentation to know more about Notre Dame. The meeting we had with Mr. Baska, admission officer responsible for international students, and the materials provided by the admissions office definitely helped us promote Notre Dame better to these possibly future Notre Dame students. 

We are now in contact with the board members of one of the major business clubs of Yonsei university and the alumni in Korea. In next few weeks, we will be able to present more progress of our internship. Thank you!







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