Shanghai – SMH International



My name is Sean Yuan and I am a rising junior studying IT Management. This summer 2013, I will be spending 8 weeks interning at SMH International in Shanghai, China. SMH is a marketing and PR company for various agricultural clients based in the US. During this time I will also be experiencing all that Shanghai has to offer while visiting my extended family. I have been to Shanghai several times before, so it’s nice being familiar with my surroundings. It’s also nice having my grandparents cook for me, too!

The Internship


First I would like to thank Frank Potenziani and the SIBC council for this wonderful opportunity to work in Shanghai. Without them I wouldn’t be in this wonderful program.

SMH provides promotional service for companies like Alaska Seafood, American Pistachio growers, and Sunkist. SMH markets these foods to investors and consumers at agricultural conventions (there’s an annual China Blueberry Convention?) and also coordinates promotional events, such has inviting 2012’s Miss California to promote American Pistachios to the denizens of Guangzhou.

So far I’ve edited media clippings, performed market research, written industry reports, and created a PowerPoint on American Wild Blueberries. I’m starting to get an idea the operations of this company, but I’m hoping to find a more challenging project.

The Dragon Boat Festival

June 10-12 was this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese Holiday celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunisolar Chinese calendar. Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia of what typically goes on:

“Three of the most widespread activities for Duanwu Festival are eating (and preparing) zongzi, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats.[9]
Other common activities include hanging up icons of Zhong Kui (a mythic guardian figure), hanging mugwort and calamus, taking long walks, and wearing perfumed medicine bags. Other traditional activities include a game of making an egg stand at noon (this “game” is one that if you make the egg stand at exactly 12.00 noon you will have luck for the next year), and writing spells. All of these activities, together with the drinking of realgar wine, were regarded by the ancients as effective in preventing disease or evil and promoting health and well-being.
In the Republic of China, Duanwu was also celebrated as “Poets’ Day,” due to Qu Yuan’s status as China’s first poet of well renown. In modern Taiwan, zongzi are no longer thrown into rivers, but people still eat them as a holiday tradition and testament to Qu Yuan’s self-determination.”

I especially enjoyed the firecrackers and the festive atmosphere during my 5 days off from work.

That is all for now! Next time I’ll talk about everyone’s favorite thing: FOOD!!!

Sean Yuan