Notre Dame Time! (Seoul, Korea)


(Stanford Hall reunion!)

Hi my name is Jungi Hong and I am a rising senior, majoring in accounting and minoring in Chinese. As the participants of Notre Dame Asia program in Seoul, Dongwook Ko, Andrew Hong, and I visited the five major international high schools during the first week of June. We were able to create the presentation more interesting and interactive with the high school students by bringing with us the high school alumni, who currently enroll at Notre Dame, and my good friend Greg Dutcher, who graduated from Notre Dame in 2011 and happened to visit me from Chicago. Sharing our experiences at Notre Dame in sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate perspectives opened the students’ hearts. The Korean students, who are notorious for not asking questions, eagerly participated especially during the Q&A session. We experienced the great potential in teamwork and I realized the importance of Notre Dame network in Seoul, Korea, and I moved on to the next project.

In an effort to strengthen Notre Dame community in Korea, Sydney Yun and I, a newly elected vice president and acting president of Korean Student Association, planned and hosted our first get-together on Friday of the second week in Gangnam in Seoul for newly admitted students. It took us the whole day to find a place where we could make reservation for 40 people on a busy Friday night. On the day of the event, we were so grateful that many people, 37 people out of 40, made it to the event, including seven freshmen and six alumni. Seeing all these Notre Dame alumni again excited me. They shared their stories of what they have been doing at work or studying at graduate schools. We had a “introducing yourself” session, like what we would do in the first day of our classes at Notre Dame. After that, Sydney and I, as a host, randomly mixed the seats, so everyone gets a chance to talk to new group of people. As a result, the event was a success. I am currently planning to create another event, so the Notre Dame students, alumni who could not join us the first time can join.


(For your information, the drinking age is 19 in Korea. Everything we did was very legal.)


(Greg Dutcher, class of 2011, meets class of 2017)


(Go IRISH!! from Gangnam, Seoul, Korea)

Meanwhile, ND Asia team planned to meet with the president and members of MARP, which is the major business organization of top Korean university called Yonsei University, this week. But due to MARP’s recent election of the new president, we delayed the meeting to the last week of June.

This internship gave me the opportunity to meet new exciting people and to broaden my mind, dealing with the upcoming projects half way around the world. I thank SIBC for such opportunity.


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