Hello from Beijing, China

Hi everyone,

This is Peilu from Beijing, China writing the blog to you guys. Things have been going pretty well here. I couldn’t believe that four weeks have already passed. Here is the exciting work we did.

Last week, we had a rewarding trip to China Development Brief (CDB), which is like an NGO and publishes a magazine reporting on NGOs’ progress in China. We had an interesting and informative two-day workshop. CDB has kept low profile after the stringent policy in 2007, before Beijing Olympic Games, during which the English part of CDB (as a magazine) was shut down. Now, the magazine is in Chinese and we can only read the English version online. You can tell their low profile by looking at their office, a quadrangle courtyard (siheyuan) in a very narrow hutong without a sign of the organization. Though NGOs’ development has been very rough, it is making progress, especially in recent years. I had doubt on the so-called “non-government organization”, since Chinese government has long enjoyed great power over all fields. For the first time, I got to know all types of NGOs surviving in China, such as GONGO (government-organized NGO). CDB has abundant resources on all areas that NGOs dip into, such as culture preservation, eco-tourism, social entrepreneurship and disaster relief. We studied on the area in which we each interested and made a presentation to the experts from CDB. Since Notre Dame has a program in Guizhou on culture preservation with local NGO, we had a deep discussion on the meaning of culture preservation and how to reach the goal, taking economic development and old traditions into account. Hopefully, Notre Dame could reach more collaboration with NGOs in the future.

We helped modify iLED (Notre Dame’s program oriented towards international high school students) schedule and design leadership courses. We were also privileged to meet iSURE students, shared our experience in Notre Dame and offered them suggestions. They are all exceptional undergraduate students from Tsinghua and Peking University, predominantly rising seniors, going to Notre Dame as research interns. It was great to meet all those people and learn amazing things. I held great gratitude to SIBC for the experience and would like to give my special thanks to Frank Potenziani, who made all this happen.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Below are some photos from our visit to China Development Brief:




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