Summer in India – SIBC International

I am a rising senior finance major, and am spending the summer living and working in New Delhi, India.  While in Delhi, I am interning in the solar energy division of Zamil Infra, an infrastructure company.  The first two weeks of the trip have flown by.  During the first week I went to a few of Delhi’s tourist attractions.  I really enjoyed seeing the Red Fort. Many of the Mughal Emperors lived and ruled from this massive complex.  


On wednesday, the program took us all on a little road trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.  Interestingly, both the Red Fort  and the Taj Mahal were built by Emperor Shah Jahan.  The Taj Mahal was amazing. 


I spent the rest of the first week familiarizing myself with Delhi.  I explored some of the city’s markets and even navigated my way around the metro system.  I started work at Zamil this past week and things have been going well there.  The company recently built one of the largest solar plants in the world and I have been working with a mentor who was involved with the project.  This weekend, I went with some of the other ND students to Bombay.  It was really interesting, because the city is very different from Delhi both culturally and architecturally.  There we saw the Gateway to India and the famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.


So far, India has been a great learning experience.  I am so thankful to SIBC and Frank Potenziani for this opportunity and am looking forward to exploring more of India over the coming weeks.

More posts to follow.




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