Final Post from Madrid

Hello for one final time!


In this last blog post, I would like to describe a very adventure-filled weekend we had, as well as give an update on the work I’ve been doing at Morningstar. 


The last weekend in June I had my major trip of my time here in Spain when I went to Barcelona.  Morningstar was very flexible and allowed me to not work on the Friday since I had worked those hours in advance.  I took a train from Madrid to Barcelona, which was very nice in and of itself, and especially a treat since it went along the Spanish coastline for a while.  At some points we were maybe ten yards from the water.  The weekend was pretty jam-packed with activities.  I stayed in a hostel with Danny and one other participant in our internship program, a student from Ohio State.  Throughout the weekend we saw the Sagrada Familia Church, took a bus tour, saw a very famous park, Park Güell, and went to the beach.  The highlight was definitely the Sagrada Familia, which very well might be the most beautiful and ornate church in the whole world.  It is still under construction today when, according to its website, construction began in 1882.  While at the Church, we were able to take a self-guided audio tour and a tower tour in which we had a great view of the city.  On Sunday morning, Danny and I went to mass in the crypt, the basement of the church.  Gaudí, the architect of the Sagrada Familia, is buried in the crypt and there is a push for his sainthood.


At Morningstar, I am continuing my work with Spanish fund documents and data.  I also have an unofficial task in which I search certain websites my coworker has sent me for articles that would possibly be pertinent to visitors to the Chilean Morningstar website and send some articles to the man who sits across from me, who selects some of them to upload to the website.  Even though I didn’t write the articles, it is pretty cool to see some articles I picked out on the Morningstar Chile website.


Finally, I want to once again express my gratitude to the SIBC for the opportunity that it has provided me.  I thank the organization as a whole, Mr. Potenziani, and especially Pedro Suarez for all of his time and effort coordinating these SIBC Internships basically in all corners of the world. 


Thank you to everyone who has read my blog; I hope you enjoyed it.


Hasta luego,



Note: The pictures below are as follows: Danny and I on the roof of our hostel in Barcelona, me in front of one of the Sagrada Familia facades, me on the tower tour in the Sagrada Familia with the city in the background, and a picture of the inside of the church.




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