Shanghai Adventures: Food and Fun Places

By Sean Yuan

“It’s All So Delicious!”

If you have the money to spend on a gym membership in China, you should go for it. There are simply too many delicious foods here. Here are some examples of what you will commonly find in Shanghai:

Local Specialties: Dumplings and Tofu

Xiaolong dumplings are dumplings in a unique pyramid shape, steamed in bamboo baskets. They are usually filled with pork and dipped in vinegar before eaten. The best part about eating xiaolong dumplings is tasting the glorious soup that gushes out when you bite into it. Mmmmm. Anyone visiting Shanghai must absolutely try these. There is no excuse.

Okay, it’s not just tofu, it’s stinky tofu. However, it does taste pretty good! You just have to overcome the initial unpleasant odor. Add a little sauce and it’s a nice treat when walking around and sightseeing. Most people unfamiliar with this delicacy (and possess lesser stomachs) will pass these up, but I recommend everyone at least give them a try.

My personal favorite, pan-fried dumplings, are great for breakfast or a casual snack. Much like xiaolong dumplings ,they are usually filled with pork and delicious soup. However, these fried dumplings are crunchy on the bottom, which I find to be very satisfying.

City God Temple and Qibao

These dumplings and tofu are commonly sold by street vendors in tourist attractions such as Shanghai’s very old City God Temple and Qibao.

City God Temple

The City God Temple is a traditional commercial district that surrounds a temple complex. City God Temple is a common tourist attraction for those interested in the restored traditional architecture, statues and of worship, local cuisines, and small trinkets and gifts that may be purchased. It is also a place of worship for those who are Taoists.

Old traditional building with the new Shanghai Central Tower in the background, which will be the tallest building in China and second tallest in the world.


Qibao, translated as “Seven Treasures” is an old town and tourist attraction where one can buy small gifts and taste various treats. It’s quite hot and crowded there, but it’s worth a visit. As the locals say in the Shanghai dialect “che bao, che bao,” which means, “you can’t go hungry at Qibao.”


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