This is Shanghai.

Hello again everyone!


Things have been going well here in Shanghai! Work has been fun and interesting, as I have been able to get to know the other interns and employees here better. It’s been getting hotter and hotter in Shanghai, which is fine by me because I would surprisingly prefer this than South Bend weather.


These past weeks, I have been able to experience more of the traditional parts of Shanghai. A few other interns and I visited a Buddha temple and also a traditional town called Qibao. I have never actually been inside a temple, so it was an eye-opening experience. There were many people at the temple praying and burning incense. As you went around the temple, there were several rooms that contained statue-like structures of ancient Chinese figures and it was under this that many people prayed.


After this, we visited an ancient town called Qibao. There are many of these small traditional towns throughout the outskirts of Shanghai, and it is common for visitors of Shanghai to pay a visit to these towns. The towns have a certain charm to them that’s hard to describe. As you travel into the town, there are small shops and stands with a huge variety of food and antiques. There are unique buildings all along a river, making you feel like you were transported back into ancient China. I had only seen these scenes in movies, so it was exciting to actually see it in person.


Even though I was in Shanghai, halfway across the world from the U.S., I was still able to have the feeling of home when I attended the Notre Dame Club of Shanghai annual dinner. Who would have thought that I could still find my Notre Dame family in Shanghai? The dinner joined together ND alumni, incoming students, current students, and grad students. It was heartwarming to see so many ND members all together here in Shanghai.


That’s all for now – I’ll be back soon to update everyone on my final weeks in Shanghai!


Until next time!


Sara Tan


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