Time really flies


This is Peilu. Time really flies. I’ve already finished my six-week internship at Notre Dame Asia Office. It has been such an awesome staying in Beijing.

In the last two weeks, I visited some nice tourist attractions. I went to Prince Gong’s Mansion. He was a favorite court official during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. The mansion consists of the residence area and garden area. It was impressive to have such a large mansion in Beijing. I also walked by Shicha Lake nearby. I like the lake a lot because Beijing is pretty dry and it is rare to have a lake in the city. South Luogu Lane has a lot of great food and lovely artifacts. It is a definitely a must-go. I went to an art district called 798, which houses a thriving artistic community, among 50-year old decommissioned military factory buildings of unique architectural style. I enjoyed viewing amazing pictures and art works by talented artists. Beijing is a lot of fun.

Secilia and I were also lucky to attend a Notre Dame Alumni Gathering on green technology. Alumni who are experts from different areas talked about their understanding of green technology development in China, ranging from carbon emission, global warming to solar panels. I learned a lot from them.

It was a rewarding internship with much to learn and much to have fun with. Thanks SIBC for such a great opportunity. Wish everyone enjoy the rest of the summer!




Peilu Chen


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