First Post – Thailand is Awesome

Hey, I am Phillip Pryce, a rising junior at the University of Notre Dame. For about 7 weeks I will be interning in Bangkok, Thailand at a company called Central Pattana Ltd. The company is a real estate developer and specializes in building high end shopping malls. My office is in one of the malls owned by the company, Central World. It’s currently the 7th largest shopping mall in the world – so big that during my first week I got lost in it almost daily! 


The work they have me doing is actually really cool. I’ve been doing things like stock valuations, calculating costs of capital, and analyzing competitors’ firms – really fun stuff if your into finance. My coworkers are all really nice, and though some struggle with English, I have a great time talking to them. 


As for Thailand itself, WOW; this country is hotter than I thought it would be. It’s the monsoon season here, so the humidity is through the roof – making it feel even hotter than my home country, Jamaica. I love it here though, the locals are really nice and always smiling (even though I’ve been scammed by two taxis so far!). 


The food here is also amazing! They have so much variety and it’s so cheap! When I walk outside they’re a ton of street vendors selling small meals that you can easily carry with you. One thing about the food though, is that it is ridiculously spicy! I thought I could handle spicy food, but here it’s out of this world. Every bite has me drinking a glass of water, so after about two days of eating it I’ve decided to order only the milder foods now… which are often times still amazingly spicy. 


So far I’ve loved my time here, and I’m really looking forward to the next 5 weeks!

Sorry about the lack of pictures by the way! Last time I went touring I took out my camera… only to realize I left the memory card in my apartment. I’m going to the beach for a few days this weekend though, so I promise I’ll have a ton of pictures for you guys then! 

My office:




I take a sweet ride like this to work every now and then. 
















Some of that awesome street food I was mentioning earlier. Image




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