India – Part 2

The weeks here are going by so quickly – I can’t believe I only have three weeks left here.  So much has happened since my last post.  The program set up cultural sessions (including a yoga class) and some interesting speakers.  I really enjoyed the talk from the World Wildlife Fund about the conservation of tigers in India.


Last weekend, I went to Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan.  It is known in India as the “Pink City,” is home to many palaces and forts. In fact, we stayed in hotel that was once a palace, which was quite exciting.  I toured City Palace on the first day in Jaipur.  Outside of the palace gates, I saw a snake charmer with two cobras (my friends really enjoyed this, but snakes aren’t exactly my favorite thing in the world so the novelty wore off quickly).  Afterwards, we took a little drive out of the city and went to Galtaji temple, also known as Monkey temple.  It was situated in the mountains and was beautiful (it almost looked fake).  As its name suggests, the temple is home to a large colony of monkeys who are fed by Hindus.


 On the second day, we explored  the markets of the Pink City and then headed to the Amber Fort.  The fort was on top of a mountain and at there was a winding path up.  At the bottom of the mountain were around fifty elephants.  One of which, Christine and I rode up the path to the fort.  It was a once in a lifetime experience.


The fort was really interesting and we free to pretty much roam around through the hallways and corridors as we pleased.  In the U.S. everything would have been roped off and everyone would have had to follow a set path.  Here, things are different, so we took advantage of it and ventured our way up to the one of the highest parts of the fort and admired the view.  After the fort we headed back to Delhi.  Unfortunately, our car broke down on the side of the road, so it took a little longer than expected to get home, but we eventually made it.


My internship has been going well.  I have been researching the Indian solar energy market and learning a lot.  Delhi is great, there is so much to do (I am a little worried about finding time to see the rest of Delhi before we leave).  This Friday we leaving for the Himalayas to go trekking, which should be great.  I am looking forward to the next few weeks.





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