My time in Thailand – Second Post

Time has been going by so quickly, I can’t believe my stay in Thailand is almost over already. These past two weeks have been pretty amazing. Two Saturdays ago I took a bus to a nearby city to see what the beach there was like. The beach itself wasn’t too spectacular, and it was pretty small. A friend and I rented two jet skis and had a blast, venturing out into the ocean. We went so far out that we couldn’t see the shoreline behind us, and we contemplated trying to make it to one of the nearby islands, but decided that would probably be a bad idea. We turned around and on the way back to the shore my engine jammed. Luckily I wasn’t too far out though, so I just used the ocean current to drift me back to the shoreline. 


Afterwards I walked around a bit, and got to see some temples and shrines that the locals pray at. I also went to check out some of the local markets. Its amazing what they sell at these street markets; they sell everything from live animals (such as fish and eels) to designer shoes and handbags. I even saw electronics, such as phone accessories and high-end headphones, at one of the markets I stopped by. Everything sold at these markets is sold at a highly discounted price, though to get that price you’ll have to spend a couple minutes haggling with the vendor. They normally try offering the items to you for over twice the price they’re actually willing to accept. 

I didn’t get the chance to travel last weekend, because unfortunately I got a bit sick. I’m feeling much better now though, and I’m going to try and travel to Chaing Mai this weekend. Its long way from Bangkok, so I’ll either take an overnight train or fly there, but I hear it’s a very scenic area, where they have tiger temples, hiking trails and a lot of elephants. Hopefully I’ll get to go there this weekend, and of course I’ll keep you guys updated. 


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