Leaving Thailand in a week, my final post.

I can’t believe it has been 7 weeks already. I’ll be leaving Thailand this Friday, at midnight, and my time here has been nothing short of amazing. The internship has been going very well. Earlier this week I made a PowerPoint presentation to one of my bosses, showing the work that I have completed so for my internship. They told me I did a pretty good job, then showed me where my presentation had some room for improvements. Overall, I’ve loved every minute of working at CPN and I’ll be sad to have to say goodbye.

These past two weeks have perhaps been my funnest in Thailand to date. Last Friday I took a 14 hour train ride to another city, Chiang Mai, and I stayed at a hostel with a friend I met about a month ago in Bangkok. The atmosphere in the hostel was so relaxing and welcoming; it was filled with backpackers from many different countries travelling all around Thailand, and other parts of Asia, so I met many other foreigners to hang out with, and share the stories of our travels.


On Saturday morning I went to a tourist attraction called Tiger Kingdom. It’s a place, about an hour out of town, that allows you to interact with and play with tigers of all sizes, from baby tigers to full grown ones. It was such a thrill getting to pet these majestic creatures, which appeared surprisingly tame. The workers at the park told us that they’ve raised the tigers since birth, and have gotten them accustomed to people, but I also sadly think they may have been drugged to remain docile (though I hope this is not the truth).


On Sunday morning I decided to go bungee jumping. It was such a huge adrenaline rush, and absolutely terrifying, but I would definitely do it again given the chance. At night I decided to check out the nightlife in the area with some of the backpackers that I met at the hostel. We had an amazing time and met many other foreigners from countries as far away as Ireland and Russia.


Monday was very relaxing. It was the Queen’s birthday, so it was a public holiday and many of the places in the city were closed. My bus ride back to Bangkok was at 8 pm, so I had most of the day to enjoy. I spent the day talking to a lot of the friends I made in the city, and even though I had only known them for about two days, it was very hard to say goodbye. Chiang Mai is definitely one of the most entertaining, yet relaxing, cities that I have ever been to, and I hope to be able to return sometime in the future.

Overall my time in Thailand has been nothing short of breathtaking. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I will definitely look to return sometime in the future. I learnt so much while interning here, and I have had many unforgettable experiences. I wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world.










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