Long Time No See, Shanghai!

Tired but excited, I arrived in Shanghai on May 25th to start my first internship with SMH International. Unlike other foreigners, I am originally from China. As a result, everything in Shanghai looks familiar to me. I did not feel many cultural differences. But apparently, Shanghai has seen great changes during the past few years. It is becoming more and more like a modern and international city.


When I first got to International Financial Center, where SMH International is located, I fell in love with this place. I was surrounded by fancy skyscrapers and people who were walking rapidly to offices. I felt so excited, as this was exactly what I could imagine about people working in those world-famous companies.


Our office is not very big with 20 employees or so. There are no complicated working structures in this company. Instead, people are divided into small groups in order to deal with all sorts of different agricultural products from the States. Our colleagues are very nice, which makes the working atmosphere quite enjoyable and pleasant. Looked from the window of our company, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower against Huangpu River is located right in front of our office building.  It is such a great view! There is also a variety of delicious food near our company office.


With happiness and joy, we start our first week of work. We were asked to look into the past marketing events and get familiar with the products that the company is promoting. In a word, the first week went very smoothly and we had great impression on both Shanghai and SMH International!


Long time no see, Shanghai! And it is good to see you again!


Songen Tian


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