Hello everyone,

I am Peilu Chen, a rising junior majoring in Accountancy and Anthropology. I have just spent my first two weeks interning at SMH International in Shanghai. It provides marketing and PR services for American companies like Alaska Seafood, American Pistachio growers, and Sunkist. SMH markets these foods to investors at agricultural conventions.

So far, we have an idea of the structure of the company and their major events, and also got our hands on basic tasks, such as translating marketing material, recording clippings, and proofreading or translating weekly and monthly reports. All the workmates and supervisors are very welcoming, having us join meetings to learn more about their clients and inviting us to coffee breaks to get to know each other more. We also met our fellow interns from the US and the UK. It is interesting to see how people from different countries social and work. The American guy is very social and likes to talk. The British intern is more serious and always asks for work.

Our office is located in Shanghai International Financial Center (IFC), at Lujiazui, an important financial and trade zone. We have a good view of Huangpu River and the Oriental Pearl. Shanghai in the evening is especially beautiful.

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Shanghai, as a modern international metropolitan, has many great places to go for food. We tried delicious Japanese ramen, Hangzhou cuisine, traditional Shanghai cuisine, and street food as well. Food in Shanghai is known for being served in small amount, but delicately made.

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Shanghai has a lot of premium malls, not only luxury, but also very artistic. Some have creative art work displays from time to time, which attracted me a lot. (Metallic art in Reel Mall)

I also got a chance to visit the Claude Monet Exhibition in Shanghai, admiring the Master of Impressionism’s works. Shanghai is a vibrant city with much to explore.

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— Peilu Chen


Hello, Shanghai!

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