Startup in Staffordshire, UK

Hello everybody!  I am Tyler Sammons, a freshman computer science major working as an intern for Mobell Communications—a cell phone company in Staffordshire, England.  Myself and two other Notre Dame students, Helen and Eric, are helping to develop and launch a phone service that will be run through Mobell called Cascaid.  This service works closely with T-Mobile to provide cell phone plans to the domestic market in America.

On a typical day I wake up and ride my bicycle to the main office about five minutes away from my flat.  Most of my day is spent developing marketing strategies, making sure things get done on time, refining the products Cascaid will offer, and completing any other odd jobs my American-ness can help get done.   The unique thing about this company is its focus on social entrepreneurship:  all profits go to a charity in Africa that helps create jobs and nurture children.  I think it’s a great concept, one that is more sustainable than the regular donation-based non-profit companies.  The work they do in Africa is also aimed at creating sustainable change.  Instead of giving handouts, the charity funds and supports local enterprises that create jobs, improve infrastructure, and foster pride among the locals.

After work I like to explore the surrounding town called Hednesford.  This town is tucked away in the hills of Cannock Chase:  an area of “outstanding natural beauty” that once served as hunting grounds for medieval royalty and as the inspiration for scenery in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.”  There are hundreds of trails sprouting out of nowhere, and animals running all over the place.

The Shire

“The Shire”

nearby trail

nearby trail

While the area we live in is beautiful, it is not a very large town, so on the weekends we try to get out.  London and Birmingham are both relatively short train rides away, and we have spent a couple days in each already.  You can see some pictures below.  By now the World Cup is just heating up, and it will be exciting to watch it in a country with a much stronger football tradition than America!


4 A.M. London Bridge

London Bridge at 4 A.M.


Yours truly at the Buckingham Palace

The Shard - London

The Shard – London


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