Ich bin ein Berliner

Blog Post #1:

Greetings from Berlin! It’s been quite the adventure so far. For the last week and the next seven, I’ll be interning at Round Hill Capital, a British company that invests in real estate around Europe, but in their Berlin, Germany office. SIBC partnered with Intrax Global Internships to make this possible, and I’m staying with other interns placed through Intrax at various companies throughout Berlin at a hotel in the Charlottenburg neighborhood, about 20 minutes away from the famous/touristy Mitte district.


The Reichstag, Germany’s parliament building


A public viewing (the Fanmeile) during the Germany-Ghana game

I had no issues getting in and getting acclimated on Sunday, and work started on Tuesday. The office is located in an office building in Potsdamer Platz, an awesome collection of modern skyscrapers in the middle of the city. My coworkers/bosses have been really nice and helpful thus far, but unfortunately I’m not at liberty to give too many details about what sort of projects are going on at the company. I help out mostly as a typical intern, monkeying around on Excel and PowerPoint, but I’m certainly learning a lot and enjoying myself.


Me, crammed into a subway car, unable to move after the Germany-Ghana game!


My office is located on the eighth floor of this building in Potsdamer Platz


Outside of work, this is a fantastic time to be in Germany for the soccer (Fußball) World Cup (Weltmeisterschaft). The Germany games are especially fun to watch, whether in a bar or at the massive Fanmeile (fan mile) near the Brandenburg Gate, where tens of thousands watch at a time on massive TV screens, chanting “Auf geht’s Deutschland, schiesst ein Tor” (let’s go Germany, shoot a goal). You may have noticed with all my silly parenthetical translations that I speak a little German – it only adds to the fantastic experience.

Alright, it’s time for me to change out of my work clothes and figure out where I’m going to watch the USA game tonight! Even though I’m in Germany, I’m still rooting for a miraculous American run through the tournament!



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