UK – Part Two!

Hi all, my name is Eric Liang and I’m currently in Staffordshire, England doing a 2 month internship with Mobell Communications. I’ve been here for a little bit over a month now. Not too much has changed since my first post, but here are some updates on what’s happened in the past few weeks.

1. Things don’t always go as planned
I had originally come to Mobell to work on the new CasCAID service they were planning on launching in the United States, but it unfortunately has been tabled. There were contact issues with T-Mobile, so we were reassigned to work on the international/satellite cell phone services.

I started with rewriting the guides and explanations for the satellite phone pages online. This includes doing reviews of the new Inmersat and Iridium satellite phones, and comparisons between the two. Most of the new work isn’t too hard; a lot of it is just playing around with the satellite phones for a while and writing a few pages of my thoughts on how each phone operates.

We were also reassigned to redo the marketing for their International Data SIM card sales. Currently the market is targeted towards the older 45+ travelers, but we’re working on helping them expand their demographic to the younger travelers or other specific niches.

2. Volunteering!
Starting about two weeks ago, I’ve spent a couple days during the week at the Krizevac warehouse instead of at the office. Krizevac is the charity I talked about in my last post that Mobell sends 90% of their profits to. We help out the charity with collecting bicycles that people donate around the UK and sorting out all the donated books to either sell or ship to Malawi, Africa. The work we do at the warehouse is a nice change of pace to the usual office work done at Mobell.

There are currently about 11,000 bicycles stored in the warehouse, all waiting to eventually be shipped over to Malawi. In addition to bicycles, Krizevac has collected a few hundred sewing machines and thousands of books that they are also planning to ship to Malawi and sell for cheap to the locals so they can start sewing clothes for some sort of income.

3. Traveling
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had opportunities to travel to London and Birmingham. Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to London right before the ND Engineering study abroad students left and meet up with some friends. It was nice seeing more Notre Dame students over the summer, especially somewhere as far away as the UK.

This past weekend was spent in Birmingham for the Wireless 2014 Music Festival. There were over 20 acts including Pharrell, Tinie Tempah, Iggy Azalea, Foxes, Angel Haze, and the headliner, Kanye West. It’s been by far the most fun I’ve had here. During the festival I met fellow Americans who gave me an American flag to wear, and a lot of the British people around us loved it and came up for photos. People surprisingly really love our accents here, just possibly almost as much as we love theirs.

4. Photos!
The biggest highlight of the past few weeks was Wireless Fest, so unfortunately there isn’t really a diversity of photos for me to show aside from the ones from this weekend.

Wireless Festival!

Wireless Festival!

We found some fellow Americans and a few Britons joined in for the photo

We found some fellow Americans and a few Britons joined in for the photo

Angel Haze @ Wireless

Angel Haze @ Wireless

Headliner Kanye West

Headliner, Kanye West

Two of the satellite phones Mobell is selling, the Extreme and IsatPhone 2

Two of the satellite phones Mobell is selling, the Extreme and IsatPhone 2


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