Red, White, and Blue Runs Deep- Even in England

Helen Sheng here, on the four week mark of the Mobell/Krizevac internship in England!

The Office

Now, even though corporate betrayal [*cough* T-Mobile] has caused our original project, the launching of the charity phone CascAID, to be delayed indefinitely, there is always work to do in the office. Recently, we’ve been working on updating (and upgrading) the marketing strategy for their satellite phones and international sim cards. We’ll begin implementing our plan next week–with measures from upping their SEO game to scheduling regular expert review and travel advice posts on their much neglected blogs. So, if you’re planning on traveling abroad and you need international data, or a satphone, you know who to call!

Not the Office

In addition to working on existing products at Mobell, we’ve also started to spend a few days a week in the main Krizevac charity warehouse in Uttoxeter. This has been a completely different experience (and atmosphere) from the office–somehow more laid back, but even busier. It has been a fantastic way to see how an international charity works from behind the scenes. Our always cheerful and enthusiastic leader, Zoe, has collected 7 warehouses (and counting) of generosity from around England, with over 19,000 bikes, thousands of boxes of books, and rooms full of technical and office equipment. And just in the Uttox warehouse, there’s always work to do–collections, prepping the bikes for shipment, sorting and boxing books, and selling what we can on the internet to generate revenue for shipping costs to Malawi and acquisition of more warehouses. 


So, I’ve mentioned before that there’s not much in Hednesford, but England is pretty small country with LOTS to see. This past Thursday, I attended the annual Shakespeare festival, with a performance of As You Like It, held right in front of Stafford castle. There’s something about watching Shakespeare in a small campsite at night, in Will’s home country, with a castle in the background….

Stafford Castle

Stafford Castle

As You Like It at the Shakespeare Festival

As You Like It at the Shakespeare Festival

Last weekend, we attended the Wireless festival in Birmingham, where we listened to some (meehhhhh) music, but also met some great people (two of whom were part of the American Navy, stationed in Italy). Our colors really do run deep hear (though partially because red, white, and blue are also their colors). 

Putting some USA pride into the Wireless Festival!

Putting some USA pride into the Wireless Festival!

And lastly, I also visited the great city of Manchester this weekend. Most famous for their football team (and for David Beckham formerly of Manchester United), there’s also several impressive museums and large shopping districts. I spent nearly 5 hours in the Museum of Science and Industry, which consists of 5 buildings of knowledge, and even saw a very impressive Hadron Collider exhibit. 

A park in Manchester

A park in Manchester

Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester--I love old planes

Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester–I love old planes

All in all, a very eventful 2 weeks. Tune in again in another fortnight!


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