Update from Staffordshire!

Hey everybody! I’ve been working at the Mobell/Krizevac internship in England for a while now, and quite a bit has happened since I last posted, so I’ll start with the work-related developments.

Up until a few weeks ago our main duty as interns at the company was to help manage the launch of a new phone service called Cascaid. The founder of our phone company had worked out a deal with John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, and was hoping to re-sell their phone service in America. As it turns out, there are problems with the contract and the negotiations with T-Mobile, so we may not have the same deal as originally thought. Although the hope was to launch the service before we left, Cascaid will be put on the backburners for now and in the meantime we will work on a couple other projects focusing on marketing the company’s satellite phones and data sim cards. We have also started working for two days every week in a warehouse that manages sending goods to Africa that the Krizevac Project runs. It’s stacked full with thousands of bikes, books, and sewing machines that we sort and either sell or pack for shipping. I’ve enjoyed doing some more hands on work.

As far as travel goes, I went back to London and this time was able to meet up with other Notre Dame students studying abroad. I met my good friend Pat Myron who was there with other freshman engineering students taking classes, and he showed me around their dorms, the school building right next to Trafalgar square, and the other people he was abroad with. It was really nice seeing some familiar faces after being more or less on my own for the past six weeks.  After spending a night out on the town, we went to the Olympic Village and Abbey Road before I caught the train back to Staffordshire.

Last Sunday Helen, Eric, and I went to the Wireless music festival in Birmingham. Some of the performers were Iggy Azalea, Pharrell, and Kanye West. Kanye West put on a great show, and although he had been in the news for a fifteen-minute rant he went on the day before, he cleared all that up with another little rant. We also met some fellow Americans traveling while serving in the Navy and became fast friends.

Other notable happenings:
• While in London I stumbled upon a massive protest with fifty thousand people protesting new austerity measures. It was on my way so I joined in for a mile or two
• Went to see a Shakespeare play on a hill next to a medieval castle
• Visited the small town of Lichfield where the man who wrote the dictionary resided
• I will be visiting Amsterdam for a couple days next weekend
• Disappointed I did not predict Germany winning the world cup, in which case I would have booked a trip there to watch



The Stafford Castle.

The Stafford Castle.

Representing America from the Wireless Music Festival

Representing America from the Wireless Music Festival


The warehouse full of bikes going to Africa we have been working at.

The warehouse full of bikes going to Africa.


Protesting on my way to see ND students in London.  Still not sure what the protest was for.

Protesting on my way to see ND students in London. Still not sure what the protest was for.



Nice cathedral in Lichfield.

Nice cathedral in Lichfield.


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