Live from Berlin!

Live from Berlin! Hello! I am alive and well in Germany and it has been an unbelievable experience so far!

I’m Austin Hunt, a rising Junior in the Mendoza College of Business studying Finance and Film, Television, and Theatre. I have the incredible privilege and pleasure to be working abroad in Berlin, Germany this summer. It is a city of immense importance—from kings and empires, to wars and destruction, and, finally, to an amazing rebirth and prosperous stability.

I am working as a business analyst intern with a venture capital firm at the city’s center and I am having a great time researching different projects for my supervisors to invest in. I have the opportunity to learn about startups, series funding, and investments.

I have international coworkers from France, Spain, Russia, Poland, Italy and Germany who all already speak English as a common language. I have learned about my new friends’ political views, customs, and even words in their respective languages. I have learned that “prom,” a completely American event, will trigger some interesting questions from some curious coworkers!

But anyway, there was never a better time to be in Berlin! The World Cup is at full force, the sun is shining, and I am excited! I have already been to the Brandenburg Gate, on a boat trip down the Spree river, on top of the Victory Column, and to some famous museums. And, of course, I have randomly met Domers abroad along the way!

My horizons are definitely broadening, which is exactly why I committed to living and working abroad for the summer. I am experiencing a different language, lifestyle, customs, and ideas. So far, I would like to thank SIBC for all of their help and generosity to grant me this wonderful opportunity! I am ecstatic to go explore Germany and report back here to ND and all of my family and friends!

Auf Wiedersehen!

–Austin Hunt



World Cup insanity at the Berlin FIFA Fan Mile

photo 2 (2)


My new friends and I at the Palace Sans Souci in Potsdam

photo 1 (2)


The Charlottenburg Schloss

photo 3


The Berlin TV Tower

photo 5


A preserved section of the Berlin Wall

photo 4


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