The Penultimate Post (From England)

I can hardly believe there’s only two more weeks of my internship left…Every day has been fantastic! Of course, I’ve also had to say farewell to the guys (Tyler and Eric) who just finished their 8 weeks. 

These past few weeks, we’ve mostly just been continuing our previous work–writing blogs, working on SEO and Adwords for Mobal SIMs and satphones, and spending a few days in Uttoxeter helping out with the charity work. I also spent a day with the customer service team for American customers, to get an idea of common questions people have about our services, and see yet another side of Mobell. 



The peak!

Tony, our CEO/entrepreneur, took us to climb a peak in Derby (this is something he typically does with his foreign guests), and told a little more of his story. In particular, he told us to not fear mistakes. Tony shared an experience he had in Japan, where the group of businessmen he was working with valued perfection above all else (and as a result, they never got anything done). He began his work with them by making a colosal mistake–one that would cost his company thousands of dollars. However, he was able to mitigate a portion of the damage, and the rest served as motivation for the company to make record breaking sales that year. 


I’ve certainly been keeping very busy during the weekends. Last weekend, I made my first trip to London: 

London Eye

View from the London Eye

I went again this weekend just for a few hours, to see The Book of Mormon–which I’d highly recommend. It will change your life. 

Book of Mormon

It will change your life.

I also went to Warwick Castle on Sunday (which is why this week’s post is a day late–sorry!). This year is its 1100th year anniversary! You just don’t get those in America–there are beautiful cities and landscapes alike, but there’s nothing quite like the scope and depth of English history!


Warwick Castle


A casual joust.

Till next time then!


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