Final weeks in England!

Last Friday marked the last day of my internship with the Mobell Company / Krizevac Project. These past two months spent in the little town of Hednesford were some of the most interesting and educational I’ve ever had. I learned what its like to work in a company and live in another country, I made some awesome friends that I’ll hopefully keep in contact with, and I had a lot of fun. While I enjoyed the entire eight weeks, the last few were the most memorable. I’ll start with the work related developments.

For the last few weeks with the company, Eric, Helen, and I continued working at the warehouse full of bikes two days a week as we had been since the negotiations with T- Mobile stalled. We did a number of jobs at the warehouse ranging from listing donated books on Amazon to cutting the locks off of donated royal mail bicycles. Like I said in another post I really enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the work in the warehouse. Back in the office the three of us continued to work on marketing Mobell’s sim cards and satellite phones by writing blogs and reviews on their websites. And on the last Thursday of work, the founder of the company Tony Smith decided to take us out so we can climb up a mountain. It was beautiful, and afterwards he took us out to lunch.

Tony Smith atop the mountain.

Tony Smith atop the mountain.


Outside of work I had an awesome final couple of weeks. On the penultimate weekend I booked a trip to Amsterdam for three days so I could finally get a glimpse of continental Europe. I had not really planned what I was going to do, but everything worked out great. During the days I rented a bike to ride around the city, took a boat ride on the canals, and went to some of the art museums throughout the city. During the nights I ended up meeting a bunch of backpackers staying at my hostel. They were from Australia, New Zealand, England, and Miami on trips ranging from a few weeks to two years. They were all really interesting people I’m glad I had the chance to hang out with.


A picturesque canal in Amsterdam.

A picturesque Amsterdam canal.

Some cool Amsterdam street art.

Some cool Amsterdam street art.

After Eric and I said our goodbyes on Friday, we travelled to London one final time. He went to go stay with his parents who flew to Europe for a vacation, and I went to my hostel. At my hostel I met some backpackers from Dublin and went to watch a rock band play at a nearby pub, and the next day I took the underground to Westminster station, where I once again walked straight into a massive protest that I later read about in the news. This time the people were protesting the bombings of Gaza, and once again I grabbed a picket sign and joined in.

Photographer capturing the action.

Photographer in action.

Made my own picket sign.  THANK YOU FRANK!

Thank you so much Frank!


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