Update from Berlin

Hello! It’s been a while since you’ve last heard from me, but that’s because Berlin has been so exciting that I’ve been constantly working or otherwise out and about. In the meantime, I’ve witnessed an amazing German world cup victory, contributed to a massive real estate transaction that included the privilege of joining a business trip to Amsterdam, made independent trips to Dresden and Prague, and sharpened my business German skills. It’s been quite the adventure.



A nice view of a corner of the Reichstag, Germany’s parliament, taken from the roof

Round Hill Capital has proven to be a fantastic place to work. My coworkers are great, and I get to spend all day sharpening my technical finance knowledge as well as my German (an ideal situation for a Finance/German double major!) The opportunity to spend a day in Amsterdam (albeit in offices and meetings) was fantastic as well. I’m very excited that this is where I ended up.


The beautiful old town of Dresden, Germany

Of course, being in Berlin is about a lot more than just work. This truly is a global city, and you can never know what to expect. I’ve discussed Kurdish independence with a Kurdish cab driver, been to several “beach bars” within the city limits… the other SIBC intern here, Austin, even found two ND grads on a river boat! I came here with the assumption that this would primarily be a German cultural experience. While I’ve met plenty of Germans and consumed my fair share of bratwursts, Berlin is much more than that.


The Brandenburg Gate always looks awesome lit up at night

In regard to my other adventures, watching the world cup unfold here was unbelievably exciting. People take it unbelievably seriously – think of the most die-hard ND fan you know, and multiply that person by 80 million people. The final stretch of the tournament was a time of immense excitement and joy – the energy and mood on the street was unbelievable. Additionally, I have to suggest visiting Dresden and Prague to anyone interested in beautiful cities that aren’t Barcelona and Paris (cheap shot at the London kids). You won’t regret it.


Welcoming the German national team back after their world cup victory


Prague’s medieval city center and castle



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