Business in Berlin

Being in the incredible country of Germany sometimes distracts from my everyday life as a Business Analyst at my firm. Unfortunately, I am guilty of getting stuck in a day-to-day work routine at the office and forgetting the amazing experience I am immersed in.

But what exactly do I do? Essentially, what I have been doing is researching company, industry, and market specific information in regards to Silicon Valley and the startup world. My supervisors and I think of worthy endeavors and delve deeper into the venture. For example, my supervisors have approached me and have said “Research this company called ‘X.’ We like what they’re doing. See if there is a market in Europe.” OR “This company called ‘X’ is dominating the flower market in Berlin. See if there is any room for another player/identify competition/find revenues.” Based off of my findings, I need to decide how to organize my newfound information: PDF or Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet, etc. Following my creation of the report, I have a meeting to explain and interpret the information to a supervisor. I am often asked my opinions on matters and in what I would personally invest.

One excellent opportunity that I have had is to make a grand, all-inclusive spreadsheet of possible ventures that are gaining traction and then make my own suggestions to my supervisors of what to research. I browse sites like and in order to find what companies are being funded. I learned about the Round/Series system of funding and have actually discovered what the hype of Silicon Valley is all about.

I have had the opportunity to sit down with my bosses to discuss mergers and acquisitions, talk with coworkers about their own venture ideas, and email startup founders for information and advice. I have both presented a mobile application idea to my supervisor and also suggested further research in one of the most popular startups today. Not only have I been now told to extensively research this startup and make several reports, but also my supervisor and I had a call with the CFO of the company a couple weeks ago.

However, being in Berlin while doing this work makes all the difference: Berlin has proven to be a hotbed of startup activity. Several firms that I have researched and emailed are only a few blocks away from my office and I have really gotten a feel for the fast-paced environment that is a startup.

Until next time, auf Wiedersehen!

–Austin Hunt



The Berliner Dom–Germany’s “answer to Saint Peter’s Basilica.”


My new friends and I in Prague on a weekend trip. 


The Berlin skyline from a unique point of view.


An aerial view of the Brandenburg Gate.


My office in Mitte, Berlin.


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