Final Thoughts on Berlin

What a summer! Berlin was an absolutely unbelievable place to intern for 8 weeks. It’s hard to describe how sad I am to see my time here end.


The Victory Column, commemorating three Prussian victories in the years leading up to Germany’s unification


One story I forgot to tell – the time I saw a man walking a COUGAR in the middle of the city at 2:00 pm on a Sunday

Professionally, this experience could not have been better. I certainly worked on lots of important projects and hone my Excel and PowerPoint skills, but I could have done that anywhere. The true value of my experience came from the international component of the work. I conducted market research entirely in German, deciphered assignments in German from certain coworkers who had difficulty explaining them to me in English, and went on a cross-EU business trip! Those opportunities don’t come from a run-of-the-mill post-sophomore year internship.


The River Spree in the wee hours of the morning

I certainly broadened my horizons outside of the workplace as well. Living in Berlin is all about exposing yourself to different cultures and viewpoints. This may be best exemplified by the Kreuzberg neighborhood, which was always fun to walk around because it’s a mix of Turkish immigrants, left-minded people of every variety, students, startup entrepreneurs, etc. Walk around there during the day, and you are bound to run into some sort of protest, art exhibition, or thought-provoking graffiti.


Only in Berlin does an abandoned airport get turned into a massive public park

Of course, doing all the touristy stuff proved quite fun as well. How else did I get all those awesome pictures from Dresden and Prague? And of course, this beauty of Austin and I in front of the Brandenburg Gate:


This brings me to my final point. This internship would not have been possible without the help of the Student International Business Council and its generous benefactor, Frank Potenziani. To SIBC, Mr. Potenziani, and all else who made this trip possible, thank you.


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