2015 ND Asia Internship

*Sorry for the delay of the blogs due to the internet blockage in China.

7 June 2015

Hi, everyone! My name is Dongyi Xia and I’m from Hangzhou, China. I’m going to be a sophomore and I am a Business (undecided) and History double-major. This summer, I got the internship opportunity at the Notre Dame Asia office in Beijing, China. This internship was sponsored by SIBC. Although I am from China, my hometown Hangzhou is located at the Southeast coast of China, while Beijing is at the north. The differences between the northern and southern China are great, and I was excited to have the chance to lived and worked for six weeks at the capital and to experience a different culture.

My partner and I were housed in a guest house of PBCSF, Tshinghua University. Our office in Zhongguancun was close to our housing, so we were not too worried about commuting. For the first two weeks of work, we focused on the Business and Culture Program (BCG) which were going to spend two weeks in Beijing. We updated a booklet for the students who were in this program. The booklet was meant to make the students’ lives easier and get to know Beijing better- it contained comprehensive information about transportation, nearby restaurants, cultural sites in Beijing etc.

We also planned a cultural scavenger hunt for the group of students! My partner and I got the chance to visit all the famous places in Beijing: the Summer Palace, the Old Summer Palace, the Olympic Park and the campus of Tshinghua University. We designed questions afterwards for the BCG students to find out the answers. My personal favorite is the Old Summer Palace. It was stunning in my eyes.


The Old Summer Palace


The Bird’s Nest


Candy Art by street artist (It is a pig, not a scorpion like my partner thought.)


Peking duck- Best food ever!

28 June 2015

It’s already the end of my fifth week of internship. Last three weeks had been busy but fun. On June 7th morning, we went to the train station and picked up the BCG group. During our third and fourth week of internship, the BCG group was in Beijing and they also lived at the guesthouse of PBCSF. Therefore, one job for me and my partner was to be the RAs of the students. Since the group arrived, our work was divided between office work (marketing materials, translation of “What Would You Fight For” series etc) and accompanying the students on their field trips. My partner and I split the field trips: she went to sightseeing with the students while I went to company visits.

For the company visits, we had been to several interesting companies: a real estate company named Savills, the US Embassy, newspaper agents like Caixin Media and Reuters. During the visits, students got to see the office space and hear from speakers of the company. Students got to know more about different industries and how business operated in China.

On the fifth week, right after the BCG group left Beijing, we were busy moving the office. The new office was in Chaoyang District and was near to the US embassy. The new office was more spacious but also further from where we lived. Now we’re spending two hours on subway commuting everyday, which is actually a quite interesting experience.


Left to right: my partner Teresa, our supervisor Miranda, and me


Visit to Reuters


Talk by the company speaker

12 July 2015

How time flies! It’s already the end of the internship. The last week has been super busy. During the last week of office we were working on new projects. I was mostly working on an academic trip to Hangzhou (my hometown!) and Shanghai for the Chinese Language Summer Program. We made a booklet containing the background information of the sites and companies they are going to visit.

At the end of the very last week came the fun part: I was going to go to Hangzhou and Shanghai with the group! We took an overnight train to Hangzhou. When we were there we visited a company named Westfield, whose CEO actually sponsored this academic trip. It was a company focusing on outdoor equipments. We got to visit the factory which was really cool. After that the group had dinner at one of the most famous restaurants in Hangzhou- Louwailou, which located right next to the famous West Lake.

The next morning we took a high-speed train to Shanghai and visited the illy Caffee company that day. The students got to enjoy the freshly made coffee and actually learned how to make coffee themselves. Later that night, the group joined the annual alumni picnic in Shanghai. The second day in Shanghai was scheduled for sightseeing: the Yu Gardern, the Yufo Temple and the Shanghai Museum. All of us were very impressed by the beauty of the ancient garden.

On my train back home, I could not help but wonder how fast the past six weeks went by. Reflecting back on my experience, I found it extremely rewarding: I’ve learned a great deal about how to collect information and compile marketing materials. I also improved on my problem-solving skill and learned to solve problems that may come up unexpectedly. Other than that, I got to really explore Beijing: visit the cultural sites, commute like a lot of people in Beijing do and try out different kinds of food there. It really had been a great summer. Thank you SIBC for this amazing opportunity!


illy Caffee visit


Yu Garden


Alumni Picnic in Shanghai


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