Internship Sao Paulo 2016 – Pt. 1

Hello! My name is Catarina Daltro, I’m a rising junior and I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil (but really I lived around South America my whole life). I started a week late because of a ND summer abroad program I was doing that overlapped the internship, but now I’m ready to start working. This summer I’m back in Sao Paulo for an internship with am e-commerce start-up. There is another ND students interning here with me (Veronica) and one more girl from another university (also Veronica) who will be arriving this week. For seven weeks we’ll be working at a company co-founded by a ND alum that sells office materials online to businesses.




*This is the warehouse of the company, they do their own deliveries so everyday we see trucks heading out with purchases.*


*This sign is posted by the door I go through everyday to get to my desk!*

Our first week was pretty busy. During the first two days I focused on learning how to use their marketing analysis programs, primarily Google Analytcs and AdWords. Once I got the hang of it, some problems in their set up were pointed out and my assignment was to try to find solutions that will make the analysis more comprehensive. By the end of the week I was able to solve one of the main issues they had, I created a connection between the Google searches that were being made, the page that it took them to and how often that lead them to fill out a form to get a price estimate. It was very satisfying to see that the hard work I put in during the week was able to generate something useful for their analysis.


*This is the work im doing with the marketing department, we can now report on the Google searches that are leading consumers to the website.*

Besides work, there has been a lot to adapt to. Veronica and I have never lived in an apartment (besides the dorms) so we have had to figure out how to make dinner, do sufficient groceries to last a week and how to fix the Wi-Fi when it goes down. This weekend we were able to explore a little bit of Sao Paulo. We walked around Paulista on Saturday and saw a few stores and malls in the street. We also got a chance to stop by the MASP (Sao Paulo Museum of Art), they had a very interesting temporary exhibit about children in different parts of Brazil.


*The MASP is located very close to where were staying so we had a chance to explore it this weekend. There was artwork from artists from Brazil and around the world. *


*Although it’s winter here in Brazil there is still some sun so we enjoyed walking around Paulista. As you can probably tell from the lack of parkas this so called winter is nothing compared to what we have at ND…

–Catarina Daltro


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