Internship Sao Paulo 2016 – Pt. 2

As my 4th week interning comes to a close I can reflect on a lot that I have learned and experienced. At work I continue to work with the marketing programs to improve the analysis capacity of the company. The ultimate goal is to connect the search query on Google to a purchase that is made through the sales team. Since this is a B2B sale it is not quite as simple as following a user through selection and a cart checkout. Tracking Adwords investments require multiple programs and webpage tagging. During July I will be accompanying the beginning of a new campaign with a supplying company. I’ll be monitoring the different keywords we use for consumers to reach the buying page and adapting what I see needs to be done. There is a lot of responsibility since the campaign requires a lot of planning and budgeting to work out.

In addition to working we’ve also had some time to explore the city on weekends. Last weekend we were pretty busy with events. On Saturday we attended the ND send off lunch and got the chance to meet some alumni, current students and rising freshmen. It was a great opportunity to meet some people that have been in the same position I am now and also get to talk about upcoming students about my experience there. Overall we had a great time catching up and chatting about ND.


That night we went to the traditional party in Brazil called the Festa Junina. We were invited by one of the people at the ND lunch to attend the one at her sports club. I had been to one of these parties in the north of Brazil but never here in Sao Paulo. I was able to try some different foods and listen to some music from the area.


This past weekend we also got a change to visit a few more touristic and traditional places here in Sao Paulo. Saturday morning we visited the Mercado Municipal and got to try a variety of tropical fruits and local foods. Every time I go there I’m amazed at how many different fruits and colors are in a single place.


Later we visited the soccer museum that is very interesting. The whole museum is built under stadium seats and it exhibits different aspects of soccer in Brazil and around the world.


Lastly, on Sunday we went to a Parque Ibirapuera. Although its winter here the sun was shining and the park was full. We got to walk around for a long time and visit one of the museums in it. The AfroBrazilian museum is about the introduction and growth of African culture and religion in Brazil when it began during the time of slavery.


These last few weeks at the internship I will continue to learn from the marketing campaign that recently began. We are planning to travel the next to weekends so I’m looking forward to the new places we will visit soon!

-Catarina Daltro


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