Internship Sao Paulo 2016 – Pt. 3

These last two weeks of the internship experience have passed by so quickly and packed with different activities. At work I was assigned to research and prepare a Google ad campaign for two different suppliers. I participated in the meetings with company representatives to outline what we want to accomplish with the campaign. In some cases the supplier wanted to focus entirely on sales but other times the campaign was aimed at educating potential consumers. With this information I worked with the marketing team to create something that fits what was outlined at the initial meeting. Although I won’t be there to launch these campaigns, we worked hard to leave it ready for when it beings in August. Before leaving I met with the marketing director of the company to leave an outline of a report that will keep suppliers updated on the progress of the campaign. The day before our internship was over we were invited to have dinner with the founders of the company where we got a chance to talk about our experience and exchange feedback on the process.


During our last two weekends in Brazil we decided to do some traveling since we had already hit the main spots in Sao Paulo. One of the weekends the three of us went to a beach complex close to Salvador, BA. Although winter here tends to bring a lot of rain, we got plenty of beach weather to enjoy our time there. This was a great chance to relax away from the city environment. We got a chance to see some traditional dancing, sports and crafts.



On our last weekend we went to Rio de Janeiro. Although I have been to Rio before, I have found that every time I’m there I find and experience something new. We visited the Christ the Redeemer statue and the Sugarloaf Mountain. Both places have amazing views of the city and are musts for anyone going to the city. While we were in Rio we also got to enjoy some beach time in Copacabana and got to see many of the preparations for the Olympics that starts in a few weeks. Overall we had a great time and got to see a lot of Rio in a few days.



As you have had a chance to follow, this internship taught me a lot about working in marketing but I also have had a chance to develop as a student. It was a well-rounded experience from which I will take a away technical work skills, soft skill and even personal life skills. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank SIBC, their benefactor and everyone who worked closely with me to create this opportunity and develop it to become what it did. I hope this blog post helps future interns at this company or any other to get a glimpse of what awaits them.

Go Irish!

– Catarina Daltro


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