ND Internship Sao Paulo -Pt. 3

The final weeks at Sao Paulo have passed very quickly. I have not only been able to learn so much in IT as I have really gotten deep into my project, but also of Brazil in general.

My project at Gaveteiro has been taking an interesting turn in these weeks. As I was testing my code, I wanted to find a way to know the accuracy of my results. I installed a feature to do so and realized that the machine wasn’t very confident with the answers it was giving me. As I explored further into the problem, I ended up realizing that this was because most products are bought by companies in bulk. This means big volume, yet little frequency. Since my code focuses on the frequency that products are ordered, there are many products that are ordered with very little frequency not giving my code the accuracy it needs. Therefore as the company continues to expand and gain more clients, the frequency of products will increase and in the future the code will provide accurate results. Although this code will be installed to the website in the future, Gaveteiro has begun inputting to the website my first code. This means that for every product, they will associate products similar to that one based on the orders from before. This is the code that I worked on the first couple of weeks and am very pleased to see them using it.

Aside from work, we have continue to explore Brazil. We were able to go to Rio and see the Christ the Redeemer and the Pao de Acucar. This has been a dream of mine and it was breathtaking and dreamlike to finally be standing there and witnessing these amazing sights. These are the biggest touristic attractions in Rio and I am so glad we placed them as a priority in our to do list. It was also nice to see Rio calm and quiet before the herd of tourists will be arriving to see the Olympics. The second trip we were able to take was to Salvador. We were able to spend some time at the beach and relax. Getting away from the cold of the city and just basking in the sun was definitely nice. These two trips were great and truly allowed us to see more of Brazil than just the city life Sao Paulo has to offer.

Overall I am very nostalgic of the internship coming to an end. The company was able to provide me with a great project that is very contemporary and something that really interests me. Finishing the project provided me great satisfaction and truly let me have a taste of the type of job I would like to have in the future. The internship not only helped me grow professionally but also personally. Responsibilities all associated to living on your own, measuring danger and the choices that you make in your stay truly make me feel that I grew a lot in my stay here.

Thanks SIBC for this opportunity thanks to our benefactor. Hopefully more interns will come and work for Gaveteiro and have a similar or even better experience than mine.

Go Irish!

Veronica Marquez


Ipanema Beach -Rio de Janeiro


Christ the Redeemer -Rio de Janeiro


Bahia – Salvador


Pao de Acucar -Rio de Janeiro


Catarina, Josh and I


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